About Us

The Elements of Process

Ice, water, pressure, and heat – these simple, four, organic elements are all that we use to create two clean and natural products; our original full melt bubble hash and our rosin. In producing our products, our focus remains on the importance of aiding and improving the medical cannabis community. We work closely with patients who suffer from debilitating and painful conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Cancer, to help manage their discomfort. Additionally we help the community and those with more incapacitating symptoms of these illnesses by donating medication to those in need.

Rezn Extracts is dedicated to delivering outstanding and exceptional medicine to the consumer. Our entire step-by-step process is completely science based and we never cut corners. We believe that the secret to making first-rate bubble hash is ensuring quality in every stage of the process.


Rezn Extracts Process

High Standards, High Quality


By growing our own plants in soil and carefully harvesting them, we know where our buds are coming from and the conditions they were grown in, in order to maintain the highest standard for quality controlled cannabis before it moves onto the next phase of the process.

Heat, Water, Ice

Utilizing on-site purified water with low ppm to make ice and extract trichomes is one part of our high standards. Basic heat and pressure is applied to create our rosin product, providing our consumers with a great alternative to our bubble hash.

Lab Tested

Every batch of our full melt is lab tested to ensure the utmost quality. If we find that our products do not pass our rigorous quality controls, the only way they’ll make it out the door will be through the trash.

Quality Dedicated

Not only do we strive to provide quality product, we also provide quality business. Contributing to the medical cannabis community is our passion and we are excited to see how far we can take it.