REZN Extracts

REZN Extracts is Your Favorite Hashmakers Favorite Hashmaker

Premium Solventless Concentrates

REZN Extracts is an award winning cannabis concentrate brand specializing in fresh frozen, indoor-only solventless rosin and full melt ice water hash. Utilizing proprietary extraction techniques involving only water, heat, and pressure, REZN is widely regarded as one of the best concentrate brands in California. With an emphasis on consistency through rich terpene profiles and exotic strain selection, REZN Extracts has experienced a rapid growth in popularity and can be found in high profile retailers like Dr. Greenthumbs, Jungle Boys, TLC, Los Angeles Farmers, Atrium, and more.

Exclusively Indoor Fresh Frozen Extraction

REZN prides itself on extracting only the highest quality indoor fresh frozen flower, never outdoor, never mids. Quality in, quality out. From hand selecting exclusive strains that produce the loudest terpene profiles in modern hash, to cold curing methods that emphasize stability in the finished product, every step of the extraction process is carefully calculated to provide a unique consumer experience unmatched by any competitor. The flavor rich characteristics in every gram have propelled the brand to the forefront of the California cannabis industry.